Birdman's Brother Has Words For Boosie Badazz After Calling Off Joint Project With T.I.

Birdman's Brother Has Words For Boosie Badazz After Calling Off Joint Project With T.I.

Terrence “Gangsta” Williams addresses Boosie Badazz's recent comments about T.I. and their joint project.

Boosie Badazz made it clear that he's standing on his principles when it comes to his joint project with T.I. but his comments have irked Birdman's brother, Terrence “Gangsta” Williams. If you recall, Williams shared a similar story to T.I., who admitted to diming out his dead cousin to get out of a gun charge. Williams addressed allegations of snitching, claiming that he provided prosecutors with information on the dead. However, he was ultimately released under the First Step Act.

Boosie, however, doesn't feel as though there's a grey area when it comes to cooperating with authorities. During his recent interview with Vlad, he announced that his joint project with T.I. won't drop because of the comments made on expediTIously in 2020. However, Boosie still had doubts that T.I. cooperated with authorities, claiming that the Atlanta rapper was likely just talking on his podcast. Still, Terrence Williams thinks Boosie is in denial about his friend.

Terrence Williams Speaks On Boosie

Williams hopped on YouTube where he addressed Boosie's comments, claiming that the Louisiana rapper is in denial about his friend. He explained that Boosie felt as though T.I. screwed up millions of dollars by revealing information on his case. “By you making the statement you made when Vlad say something about me, now you got to stand on that,” he said. Though Williams noted Boosie stood on his comments, he explained that it took a minute for him to address it.

However, the issue that Williams took issue with was Boosie claiming that he had people to discuss Williams' case with Vlad. He said he thinks Boosie's bluffing before suggesting that he might have dirt on Boosie. “You also admitted you don't mess with rats at all. You and him have a good relationship, so have you cut T.I. off period? Or was that just a stunt on Vlad for the people to see that y'all still talk?” Williams explained further. From there, Terrence “Gangsta” Williams pointed out that there are plenty of rappers who continue working with supposed rats behind the scenes, despite disavowing them publicly. Check the full video above.