Cardi B Shows Off Her Booty In Black Thong In Offset's Valentine's Day Photo Dump

Cardi B Shows Off Her Booty In Black Thong In Offset's Valentine's Day Photo Dump © 2022 Jason Koerner

Offset calls Cardi B his “little ghetto princess” in his Valentine's Day photo dump.

Offset's known to spoil Cardi B on Valentine's Day and other holidays. Last year, the rapper showed out with an elaborate floral arrangement and a rose sculpture. Each year, he levels up and Cardi never fails to show her gratitude for his efforts. Similarly, he ensures he goes all out for her birthdays and Christmas. It feels like he's just as much of a fan of surprising Cardi B as she appreciates the effort he puts into his romantic gestures.

This year wasn't entirely different, though they kicked off it off during Super Bowl weekend. The couple starred in McDonald's new campaign that unveiled the Cardi B and Offset meal. The promotional dinner marked McDonald's first campaign with a celebrity couple. The date-night meal is made up of Cardi and Offset's go-to meals. For Cardi, there's a cheeseburger, barbecue sauce, and large Coke while ‘Set orders a large Hi-C and a quarter pounder with cheese. Additionally, there's a large fries and Apple pie to split.

Cardi B Shows Off Her Backside In Offset's V-Day Photo Dump

Though the couple made some major business plays for Valentine's Day, Offset didn't disappoint when it came to gifting Cardi B. The rapper hit the ‘Gram with a photo dump of his Valentine's Day, including the large floral arrangement he got for Cardi. The first photo shows the Bronx rapper surrounded by roses, including a teddy bear made of flowers, as she smells a bouquet of roses and shows off her backside in a black thong.

“She my little ghetto princess,” he captioned the post. the rest of the slide includes a glimpse of his gifts to Cardi, including a number of Birkin and Chanel bags, as well as a recent trip to New York during the launch of their McDonald's meal. Though many fans praised Cardi B and Offset, Mega Meezy, 21 Savage's manager, poked fun at ‘Set's efforts. “Why u gotta make it hard for us regular N***as Bruh? Lol,” Meezy wrote. Check out Cardi B and Offset' Valentine's Day festivities above. Have you tried the Cardi B and Offset meal at Mcdonald's? Let us know in the comment section below.