IDK Releases New Single “Radioactive” With Energetic Video: Watch

IDK Releases New Single “Radioactive” With Energetic Video: Watch

IDK Releases New Single “Radioactive” With Energetic Video: Watch

IDK taps into dance music in his new drop, “Radioactive.” The British-American rapper explores his multi-culture roots with this new release by taking on Baltimore's dance club vibes and shooting the music video in London. “Radioactive” expands IDK's usual rap style by fusing trap and dance into one big hit. The new song proceeds IDK's upcoming first-time performance at Coachella.

The music video for “Radioactive” seemingly conveys the same upbeat nature of IDK's track. Starting with the 30-year-old rapper enthusiastically chanting the song's name with his entourage, the video casually follows the group around North London. The video is co-directed by both IDK and Meeks & Frost. Overall, both the song and video elicit incredible vibes that create excitement and a desire to dance.

IDK Showcases London's Energy In “Radioactive” Video

“Radioactive” follows IDK's Kaytranada-produced 2022 studio album Simple. which featured Denzel Curry and Mike Dimes. Complex also reports that the London-born rapper recently took to Instagram to announce that Simple., along with his other two albums Is He Real, and USee4Yourself will be available on vinyl. In the post to share the exciting news for vinyl fans, IDK noted “You are not fans you are fam. Anyway, I love you AND appreciate you so much that I've chosen not to ignore your constant, and I mean CONSTANT requests for vinyl records.”

It comes as no surprise why IDK fans have been desiring this new formatting option. Just as he has proven with the release of “Radioactive,” IDK religiously produces energetic beats and is not afraid of experimenting behind his normal means. Other times the rapper showcased his versatility can be seen in Simple.‘s “Drugstore” and “Taco.” IDK's new dance/rap genre-blend of music has been fully asserted with “Radioactive,” and we can't wait to see what he choices to fuse together next!

Quotable Lyrics:

Hop in a freak, go infinity (Ooh)
Up on a shirt where you finna be (Ooh)
Heard that you said you gon' finish me (Ooh)
Why he be movin' so finicky? (Hey)
N*gga be talkin' that talk now
Ride but you said that you walked down
Where all the guns that you bought now? (Like Marvin)
Let's get it on now