Kodak Black Reportedly Wanted In Florida

Kodak Black is reportedly wanted in Florida for failing a drug test and violating his bail conditions. Moreover, TMZ reported that a judge signed off on his arrest warrant on Thursday (February 23). Furthermore, the Florida rapper allegedly failed his drug test, as it reportedly came back positive for traces of fentanyl. According to the reports, he missed a test on February 3 and submitted one on February 8, which apparently came back dirty. Meanwhile, Kodak is on bail for drug charges on testing conditions, and had a weapons conviction commuted by then-President Donald Trump.

Still, these early reports are making their way across social media quickly, so little official details exist surrounding this development. However, at the moment, Yak hasn't posted anything concerning this alleged “wanted” status on social media. As such, it remains to be seen whether he'll address the situation in any way, or otherwise try to resolve things quietly. After all, the 25-year-old is known to usually be quite outspoken, as when he recently called out other rappers for fake love.

Kodak Black Wanted In Florida

“I got no homeboys, I ain't got no friends, I don't need no friends,” he ranted on IG Live. “F**k ya, b***h. All you n***as wanna be like me anyway. All you n***as be fake like you f**k with me, like I'm your dawg. [You] be behind my back, hatin' on me, want my drip, want my energy. [You] wanna be able to rap like me, wanna be able to stunt like me, wanna be able to act like me, wanna be able to walk or talk like me. Know what I'm saying? Since I was young, since I was a git, since I was a baby. I've seen every one of you f**k n***as be around me trying to imitate me and duplicate me. You know what I'm saying? F**k ya, b***h.”

In addition, Kodak faces a lawsuit alongside Justin Bieber, city officials, and a venue for a 2022 Super Bowl party shooting. Moreover, Yak allegedly instigated the fight, but video shows otherwise and his legal team dismissed the suit. “I have seen a lot of bad complaints in my day,” Yak's attorney Bradford Cohen told TMZ. “This is the most poorly drafted complaint I have seen in 26 years. I expect Kodak to be dismissed from this suit fairly quickly.” Regardless, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest updates in this developing story.