Pi'erre Bourne Drops Long-Awaited Single “IG”

Sometimes having a cult fanbase can be a double-edged sword. One of the finest examples of this is Pi'erre Bourne. In 2018, ahead of his now-beloved debut studio album The Life of Pi'erre 4, he previewed. song on his Instagram Live titled “Instagram Hoes.” Although fans went wild for it, he decided not to include it in the track list for the June 2019 album. After the release and subsequent 2020 deluxe passed, though, Pi'erre still kept the song close. Two years later, he previewed the song again on Instagram Live in 2020. Fans became even hungrier for it naturally.

But, all these loyal followers of Pi'erre could do is replay the clip of his Instagram Live session. Still unreleased, his fans would ask him in the comment section of every Instagram post and tweet to drop it. In 2022, another album release passed without the inclusion of “Instagram Hoes.” On Sept. 2, he dropped Good Movie, including 23 tracks and features from Young Nudy and Don Toliver. Even this couldn't satisfy fans. Months later in April, unfortunately, “Instagram Hoes” leaked finally. While this may have pleased some of his fans, true Pi'erre supporters still wished he would put it on digital streaming platforms. This week, their wishes finally came true.

Pi'erre Bourne Pulls Through

On Feb. 5, Bourne announced that he would at long last be releasing “Instagram Hoes,” now titled “IG.” Arriving nearly three weeks later on Feb. 24, “IG” surely lives up to the outstanding hype. With its addictive, repetitive flow over a self-produced beat, Pi'erre's latest scratches the itch of every die-hard fan. As the first release of 2023, Bourne's satisfied fanbase can now kick back and relax until he returns again with another project.

Using his vintage monotonous, yet enjoyable rapping voice, Pi'erre delivers bars about seeing “instagram Hoes” at practically every party. Choosing his own peace over chasing women, “IG” will surely be an anthem for many. Stream Pi'erre Bourne's “IG” single on Spotify or Apple Music below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah, she tryna get chose by me
Yeah, she tryna come roll with me
Yeah, she wish she could leave
She just flew in and she wish she could leave with me