Rubi Rose Calls DDG A “Weirdo,” Denies Disliking Halle Bailey

Rubi Rose Calls DDG A “Weirdo,” Denies Disliking Halle Bailey

As breakup rumours about “The Little Mermaid” actress and her rapper beau swirl, a petition to “Get Halle Bailey a New Man” has surfaced on

DDG is calling the internet “gullible” for believing the rumours about him and Halle Bailey ending their relationship. Despite his denial, however, the drama continues to surround the pair. Now, the rapper's ex, Rubi Rose has entered the chat. Earlier this weekend, she seemingly called out the Michigan native for passing along one of her old shirts to his new boo.

The Little Mermaid actress recently posted a Story to her Instagram page. She wished her followers a good morning while sporting a bare face and a black and white tee. The clip's focus is more on Bailey's face than her outfit, but internet sleuths still quickly noticed the top is identical to one Rose previously wore in 2020. At the time, she posted a series of selfies with the caption, “I know he lying… But f*ck it I am too.”

Shortly after the R&B songstress posted her Story, DDG's ex shared a telling message on her Twitter page. “Having [your] bitch [wear] my clothes is crazy lol,” she wrote on Saturday (February 11). Of course, followers instantly assumed the message had to be about Halle. “You coming for the little mermaid, your mentions 'bout to be a mess fr,” one person pointed out.

“She probably got that shirt off Fashion Nova just like you did, relax,” another troll chimed in. In her usual fashion, Rose didn't hesitate to address the drama unfolding in her mentions. She firstly defended her typos in the initial tweet, explaining, “I'm still lit off the ‘migos bae, my b.” Then, in another post, made it clear that her beef is with her ex, not with his new girlfriend

“I like Halle,” the 25-year-old confirmed in a short and sweet post. “DDG a weird tho fasho.” Unfortunately for her, fans of the YouTuber were quick to pull out receipts of movements when her behaviour was nothing short of unsavoury as well. Among them are screenshots of social media posts saying things like “DDG f*cks my p*ssy so good,” and “DDG got the best d*ck in the world.”

Those responses have received far less attention from Rose, though they continue to pour in on her page. Elsewhere online, some are taking advantage of Bailey's breakup rumours, going so far as to create a petition demanding that she find a new man. It was officially launched earlier this week and has already received upwards of 1,600 signatures.

“Halle Bailey is black royalty and she has a childish peasant attached to her,” creator Lindsey Williams wrote in the page's description. “We want better for our princess. Her celebrity shouldn't be used for YouTube views and clicks. She's unproblematic and her childish (hopefully ex-boyfriend) thought it was funny to sub her when she's about to have the biggest year ever.”

If you feel strongly enough, you can sign the petition for yourself here. Additionally, make sure to check back later for more pop culture news updates.