XXXTentacion Case: Woman Who Rented Killer's Car Says Defendant Apologized To Her

XXXTentacion Case: Woman Who Rented Killer's Car Says Defendant Apologized To Her

After using the vehicle in the rapper's murder, the woman claims one of the men apologized for getting her “caught up.”

After nearly five years of waiting, three defendants are on trial for the murder of XXXTentacion. The rapper was killed in July 2018 while trying to leave a motorbike shop in Florida before four people accosted and robbed him. He was sitting in his vehicle when another car blocked his exit. The group jumped out and immediately attacked the rapper, and the botched robbery turned deadly.

One defendant, Robert Allen, has already agreed to a plea of second-degree murder. He turned state's witness and has testified against his former friends. Additionally, a woman named Tony Robinson was also called to testify. She told the court she was responsible for renting the vehicle used in the murder.

“I received a call from Chucky,” Robinson stated, “saying that Big Rob (Allen) wanted to rent a car but because Chucky, Dedrick Williams, wasn't going to be present, I asked him to have Big Rob call me directly.” Following XXXTentacion's murder, three of the four men crashed the vehicle. Elsewhere during Robinson's testimony, she said Williams apologized to her for getting her “caught up” in the case.

Another issue in this case has been the alleged involvement of several celebrities. Drake's name has been mentioned repeatedly, as there have been rumors about him setting up XXXTentacion's murder. It sounds far-fetched, and Robert Allen testified that he doesn't know Drizzy at all. In fact, he said he didn't even know anyone from Toronto and never spoke with Drake in his life. He was also asked about being connected to DJ Akademiks or Ski Mask The Slump God, but he denied knowing them as well.

Meanwhile, Drake came close to appearing in court after being deposed. However, his attorney jumped into high gear, and fortunately for the rapper, the motion was tossed out. According to reports, defense attorneys have struggled to combat Allen's testimony about the crime. They've attempted to discredit him and even entered the Drake theory, but the case against the three remaining defendants is stacked high.